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Urology / Gynecology Low Temperature Plasma Surgery System
High Frequency Surgical System (Urology / Gynecology Low Temperature Plasma Surgery System)
Overall solution for minimally invasive treatment in urology and gynecology
Urology / gynecology low temperature plasma surgery system
The ECO medical low-temperature plasma surgery system forms a plasma layer (100μm) by ionizing the conductive medium (NaCl solution) under the action of an electric field (300KHz). This thin layer has enough energy to break the organic molecular chains in the tissue without Produces carbonization, almost no damage to the surrounding tissue, the design of the bipolar cutter head makes the current not pass through the human body, and the tissue heats up very little, so it has a low temperature operating environment at 40°C-70°C, with minimal damage to human tissue and minimal thermal damage It is small, and can cut and ablate tissue at a fixed point.
Efficient temperature control
Efficient and stable
Shorten operation time
Product Advantages
Urinary low temperature plasma surgery system
Core Algorithm
Temperature as low as 42°C
ECO medical core algorithm, optimizes the power output curve, enhances the hemostatic effect and continuously maintains the low temperature state during the operation
Intelligent closed-loop control system
realizes efficient and stable operation
Automatically identify impedance, monitor power output in real time, and compensate peak power in time
SP/PK arc start mode
Shorten operation time
SP/PK arc starting mode, can achieve 1-2S fast arc starting under normal saline, high plasma excitation rate, shorten operation time
Disposable plasma electrodes
Imported ceramic and composite metal materials ensure continuous and stable generation of plasma.
Both thick ring and thin ring design, the thin ring is more efficient for thin cutting, and the thick ring is tougher, which meets the needs of the operating room. The integrated cable design prevents cross-infection
  • ECO-800F2101
  • ECO-800F2102
  • ECO-800F2501
Matching Handpieces
Good vision
12°, 30° optional, expandable for gynecological use
Work stick
Coaxial integrated design, easy to operate
Good figure
Double obturator design, 24FR, 26FR double sheath; optional, more comfortable for patients
It is used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder tumors, uterine fibroids and other diseases.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Bladder tumor
Uterine fibroids
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Bladder tumor
Uterine fibroids
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