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High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit
High Frequency Surgery System (High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit)
Overall solution for surgical diagnosis and treatment
High Frequency Electric Knife
A high-frequency electrosurgical device is an electrosurgical instrument that replaces a mechanical scalpel for tissue cutting. It heats the tissue when the high-frequency and high-voltage current generated by the effective electrode tip contacts the body, and realizes the separation and coagulation of the body tissue, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting and hemostasis.
New Cart
High Frequency Surgical Electrode Head
High Frequency Surgical Electrodes
Triple Pedal (optional)
Connecting Wire, Negative Plate
Product Features
Smart Storage Programming
7.0-inch color LED touch screen,
Easier human-computer interaction operation
Can store more than 12 groups of programs, independently remember the function status and value settings of the last work, ready to use
Automatic Power Compensation System
During the operation, according to the impedance changes of different tissues of the human body, millisecond-level dual feedback automatic control, constant power output, to ensure a stable coagulation effect
PPS Power Peak Compensation System
According to the detected tissue impedance, intelligently release additional electric pulse energy to support the smooth initial cutting
NEMSY Neutral Electrode Detection System
Real-time monitoring and display of the contact status on the negative plate
Automatic sound and light alarm and termination of output in case of failure
Avoid local high temperature of the negative plate and damage the patient
Split, Modular Design
Adopt international advanced split design, independent CPU safety management and control, convenient for later software and hardware maintenance and upgrade
Multi-stage Multi-valve Control, More Accurate and Stable Argon Input
Equipped with argon flushing function, dual-way decompression control, multi-point monitoring of argon output, segmental control output to ensure stable argon flow output, the minimum flow control step is 0.1L/min
General surgery, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, ENT, plastic surgery and other departments, with appropriate accessories can be applied to endoscopic surgery such as laparoscopy and cystoscopy
Tumor Resection
General Surgery
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