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Microwave Therapy Apparatus (Special for Prostate)
Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Products (Prostate Microwave Therapy Apparatus)
Prostate microwave therapy overall solution
Therapeutic principles
Adopt advanced optical waveguide polymerization effect to generate high-energy pulsed microwave with concentrated beam, strong energy and good controllability, which can directly penetrate and act on human prostate tissue. Through the wave heat effect, the energy wave penetrates the lipid layer, which makes the glandular tissue warm up evenly, increases the activity of biological enzymes, expands blood vessels to cause blood flow acceleration, promotes blood circulation in the human body, improves the metabolic function of the human body, and effectively removes bacteria and inflammatory substances in the gland. , so as to achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory, pain relief and edema subsidence.
Prostate Microwave Therapy Apparatus
Microwave probe
Microwave probe
Intermittent Pulse Microwave Technology
Effectively increase the penetration depth of microwaves and fully act on the entire prostate body
Fully automatic intelligent temperature control system
Accurate constant temperature treatment, intelligent temperature control, to ensure the treatment effect
Advanced Intelligent Security System
Intelligently identify faults or accidents, and automatically cut off microwave output to ensure patient safety
Real-time intelligent temperature measurement system
Real-time display of temperature curves to help clinical real-time monitoring to ensure curative effect
Friendly interactive interface operating system
Full Chinese interface operation, the host has a built-in powerful case management system, which is convenient for operation and improves the work efficiency of the department
Prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urethritis, urinary tract infection
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Urinary tract infection
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