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Diode Laser Therapeutic Apparatus
Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Products (Diode Laser Therapeutic Apparatus)
Redefining "Analgesia" - "Promoting Healing"
Diode Laser Therapeutic Apparatus
Dual Wavelength Combination
810nm main wavelength laser 650nm auxiliary wavelength laser Efficient comprehensive treatment
Cardan Arm Design
Convenient and controllable positioning, suitable for various angle applications
Built-In Prescription
Built-in multiple sets of prescription parameters to meet the application of multiple parts
Parameter Memory
Parameters can be saved with one key, and the data can be used at any time
Matching size "double spot"
  • Dual-wavelength compound light laser comprehensive treatment from the outside to the inside
  • Non-invasive spot irradiation, safe to use in both acute and non-acute stages
  • Laser treatment can be performed on the surface (large spot) and point (small spot) respectively, and the energy penetrates deeply
Large Spot
Laser radiation area: output power: 0-1900mW
Laser wavelength: 810nm, 650nm
Small Spot
Laser radiation area: Output power: 0-500mW
Laser wavelength: 810nm
Technical Advantages
Dual Wavelength Laser Technology
Two-pronged approach, more effective, comprehensive treatment from the outside to the inside
From shallow to deep directly to the affected area, the penetration depth can reach subcutaneous 5-7CM
Acts on superficial tissues and has a good curative effect on infected skin and other skin lesions
It has strong penetrating ability to skin, fat and muscle tissue, and can penetrate subcutaneous tissue 5-7cm
Dual-wavelength 6 mechanisms of action
Two-way regulation of blood cells
Regulating cell activity
Regulating endocrine
Powerful analgesia
Reduce the excitability of peripheral nerves
Promote the release of analgesic substances
Block the stellate ganglion
Rapid anti-inflammatory
Antibacterial effect
Promote blood circulation
Reduce tissue edema
Increase metabolism
Promote mitochondrial production of ADP and ATP for healthier cells
Tissue repair
Promote the proliferation of fibroblasts
Promote the release of growth factors
Promote the growth of new blood vessels
Reduce muscle fatigue
Regulate muscle transcription factors
Regulate gene expression of sarcoplasmic proteins
Promote muscle regeneration
It is used in the treatment of neuropathic pain and dysfunction, acute and chronic injuries of the motor system, rheumatism, infectious and non-infectious inflammation, and skin diseases.
Sports Injury
Skin Disease
Neuropathic Pain
Sports Injury
Skin Disease
Neuropathic Pain
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