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The first training course of ECO medical Istanbul training base was held as scheduled
2023-02-24 Share:

On February 23, the first training course of ECO Medical was held as scheduled at the Istanbul training base. Several clinicians from Turkey and Algeria participated in this training. On the first day of training, experts from the training base, Dr Ozgur and Dr Yucel, carried out 7 cases of biopsy and puncture, 2 cases of microwave ablation, and led the trainees hand in hand, which fully met the trainees' needs for visits and further studies.

It is reported that in today's training, the base also prepared 7 cases of biopsy and puncture and 2 cases of microwave ablation for the trainees, and the long-term hands-on operation was guided by a number of professional teachers, which can help non-IR and lack of IR to a certain extent. Doctors with experience in interventional therapy can quickly master microwave ablation technology.

In the future, ECO Medical will continue to carry out joint training courses with medical institutions and experts who share the same concept, and promote China's microwave technology and solutions to the world, bringing new choices and new hopes to patients around the world.

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