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Love Knows No Borders | ECO Medical Emergency Assistance to the Disaster Area in Türkiye
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At 9:17 on February 6, 2023, Beijing time, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in southern Turkey, followed by 2 strong earthquakes and 77 aftershocks within one day. As of today, the earthquake has killed more than 41,000 people.

When one party is in trouble, all parties support it. The Chinese government dispatched several rescue teams to quickly arrive at the earthquake area for disaster relief, which embodies "China's speed" and "responsibility of a major country".

As an important enterprise in the global minimally invasive medical field, ECO Medical is committed to making more contributions to the cause of human health. For the major disasters facing Turkey, the ECO medical rapid organization special working group immediately responded to support. The earthquake injured a large number of people in Turkey, local medical institutions have been paralyzed, and many hospitals and medical facilities have also been damaged to varying degrees. To help alleviate the shortage of post-disaster treatment equipment resources, ECO Medical sent a batch of electrosurgical equipment worth millions to Turkey,尽力帮助受灾民众得到更好的医疗救治,帮助当地医疗机构更快地进行灾后重建。

Dr. Ozgur, an important cooperation expert of the company in Istanbul, and his family were also victims of the earthquake disaster. Dr. Ozgur's family lives in Adana Province, Turkey, which is an important disaster area of this earthquake. The strong earthquake destroyed their homes and their houses were razed to the ground. In this regard, ECO Medical immediately sent local staff to condolences, and actively helped Dr. Ozgur's family solve the problem of living arrangements.

At present, ECO Medical's rescue operations are still going on, continuously coordinating domestic resources, mobilizing international partners, proposing various feasible treatment plans, and making positive contributions to Turkey's fight against the disaster and post-disaster reconstruction.

Mr. Wang Zhongliang, Director of the International Department of ECO Medical, said that Turkey is an important partner country of ECO Medical. With the support and influence of many Turkish experts, ECO Medical exported "Chinese standards" to Turkey, the Middle East and Europe, and promoted Chinese minimally invasive technology and clinical wisdom.

At present, ECO Medical has established two CCMA training centers (Istanbul Training Center and Antalya Training Center) in Turkey, and using the two training centers as a bridge to provide targeted technical guidance for hundreds of clinicians in Turkey and abroad , share advanced minimally invasive technology, disseminate minimally invasive treatment solutions to more countries and regions, and benefit more patients.

For a long time, ECO Medical has joined hands with industry technical experts to continuously implement minimally invasive ablation training courses to provide local medical practitioners with advanced technical training and professional knowledge sharing to help them better deal with various practical problems. At the same time, with the help of ECO medical equipment products and solutions, these international training bases have gradually promoted the minimally invasive technology to every corner of the world, allowing more patients to enjoy this advanced treatment method and relieve the pain caused by the disease and burden, bringing new choices and hope to patients around the world.

I wish the Turkish people overcome the disaster and rebuild their homes as soon as possible. ECO Medical will continue to uphold the responsibilities of a large enterprise and make greater contributions to the cause of society and human health.

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