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ECO Medical successfully concluded its CCMA training course in Antalya
2023-03-07 Share:

Recently, the microwave ablation training course held by ECO Medical at the CCMA Training Center in Antalya ended successfully.

This training course was given by Dr. Bülent Çekiç, an "old friend" of ECO Medical, and attracted a total of 10 trainees from India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Iraq, Bosnia and Oman.

The content of this training includes the ablation application of liver metastases, hepatic hemangioma, uterine fibroids, osteoid osteoma, breast fibroadenoma, parathyroid adenoma, toxic adenoma, and benign thyroid nodules.

For the training content, Professor Bu guided 35 microwave ablation surgeries for clinical cases within two days. The trainees further improved the standardized operation of microwave ablation technology by combining the theory learned from the rich case practice. At the end of the course, Dr. Bülent Çekiç signed and issued a CCMA certificate to each student.

As a pioneer in the field of microwave ablation, ECO Medical, together with the World Association for Tumor Intervention, jointly created the World Tumor Ablation Jinling Summit Forum CCMA. As an international forefront tumor ablation academic exchange and multi-party cooperation platform, the CCMA training course aims to improve the standardized treatment level of tumor microwave ablation, promote microwave ablation technology to every corner of the world, and practice the principle of "contributing more to the health of all mankind". mission.

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