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ECO Medical Invited to Participate in the Pan-Arab Society of Interventional Radiology Conference
2023-03-13 Share:

Recently, ECO Medical was invited to participate in the Pan-Arab Interventional Radiology Society Conference (PAIRS) held in the United Arab Emirates.

This conference brought together many radiologists, medical experts and professional medical technicians from all over the world, and the scale of the conference was grand.

ECO Medical brought the company's latest products and solutions to this exhibition, and attracted many new and old "friends" to experience and exchange international advanced microwave ablation technology and solutions.

In recent years, the acceptance of microwave ablation technology in the global medical community has been increasing. Judging from the reception at the exhibition site, in addition to microwave ablation of tumors, more and more experts are interested in microwave ablation of thyroid and varicose veins, and the demand for training on new technologies and new applications continues to increase.

As a pioneering enterprise of microwave ablation technology, ECO Medical currently has international training bases in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil and other countries, and centered on the training base, it cooperates with industry technical experts to continuously implement microwave ablation training courses , to a certain extent, solves the practical problems of clinicians, and continues to practice the mission of "contributing more to human health".

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