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Personal Information Protection Policy

ECO Medical promises to adopt a strict privacy policy to respect and protect user privacy. ECO Medical will follow this User Service and Privacy Agreement

(hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") collects, uses and shares your personal information. This policy contains the terms of our collection, storage, protection, use and sharing of your personal information. It is recommended that you read this policy in its entirety to help you understand how to maintain your privacy.

1. The scope of collection of personal information

When you use ECO medical services, you will actively provide us with some information, and you agree and allow us to collect some of your information to provide you with services.

The scope of information we collect mainly includes:

1. In order to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations, and based on the reasonable needs of providing services and improving service quality, we need to identify your identity. You may provide us with some personally identifiable information, such as name, mobile phone number, email address, etc.

2. In addition to the above information, we collect other information about you in order to provide you with more personalized and convenient services, including but not limited to age, birthday, occupation, asset status, etc.

3. When you visit the ECO Medical website, we may record information about your operations and log information related to ECO Medical services, which can help us provide you with accurate services and better protect your account security.

2. Purpose of collecting personal information

You understand and agree that ECO Medical may use the personal information provided by users for one or more of the following items: 

1. More accurate identification;

2. Handle the user's request to purchase goods and services;

3. Meet the requirements of users for using various online services, mobile communication services and other services;

4. Better user service and user communication, including project research and plan development, sending relevant news and service information to users, providing users with relevant discounts and recommended products;

5. Prevent or prohibit illegal activities;

6. Other purposes with your permission.

3. Protection and storage of personal information

In order to maintain the accuracy of data, prevent unauthorized intrusion and ensure the correct use of personal data, ECO Medical has adopted appropriate management measures to protect the confidentiality of personal data collected by the website. ECO Medical adopts security technical measures to protect data, establishes strict information storage and use system specifications, and also adopts strict management on personnel who may have access to your information.

4. Sharing and disclosure of personal information

We are obliged to keep your information confidential and will not disclose your personal information without your permission. You agree that we will share your information with third parties in the following circumstances:

1. Obtain your consent or authorization;

2. In order to provide the services you requested, certain services must be provided or jointly provided by partners (including but not limited to companies providing relevant technical support, courier companies, and companies providing prizes), in order to provide you with such services , it is necessary for ECO Medical to share the user's personal information required to complete the service with the partner that provides the service;

3. ECO Medical and a third party jointly conduct promotional activities, and all or part of the personal information collected in the promotional activities may be shared with the third party;

4. According to laws and regulations or mandatory government regulations, users' personal information must be provided to relevant judicial or government departments;

5. To complete the merger, division, acquisition or asset transfer;

6. To prevent the legitimate rights and interests of the user, others or the public interest from being seriously harmed.

5. Statement on Third Party Responsibility

Due to service necessity, ECO Medical may link relevant websites to the websites of ECO Medical's partners (collectively referred to as "third-party websites"). This agreement does not apply to these third-party websites because they are not under the control of ECO Medical. If you access third-party websites using links provided by ECO Medical, the operators of those websites may collect your personal information. ECO Medical endeavors to ensure that all linked third-party websites adopt the same personal information protection measures, but ECO Medical does not assume any legal or other responsibility for the activities, privacy policies or level of privacy protection on these third-party websites.

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