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Microwave Ablation System
Microwave Ablation System
New concept of minimally invasive treatment
Under the guidance of imaging techniques such as CT, the tumor is percutaneously punctured with a specialized treatment needle (microwave antenna or microwave "knife head") to implement precise treatment.
Minimally Invasive
After converting physical energy into thermal energy, it acts on tumor tissue to achieve in situ inactivation. On the basis of effectively treating tumors, the normal function of tissues is fully protected, with less damage and faster recovery.
Microwave Ablation System
Focus on user experience
Worldwide, China's experts, technologies and equipment in the field of microwave ablation of tumors are leading the development of the industry. As an original technology in China, the innovative application of microwave ablation technology in the thermal closure of the venous cavity of the lower extremities is also of representative significance. In order to meet clinical needs, ECO Medical Innovation integrates solid tumors and lower extremity vein cavity microwave thermal ablation technology, and works with clinical experts to benefit patients around the world.
  • ECO-100E2
  • ECO-200G
  • ECO-200E
  • ECO-200F
Intelligent and Convenient
Preoperative self-test water cooling and microwave output, intelligent identification of recommended power of ablation needle, intelligent and convenient
Safe and Efficient
Real-time monitoring of microwave output and standing waves during operation to ensure output stability and surgical safety
Multimodal Fusion
Multiple ablation modes to meet clinical needs
Precise and Controllable
Monitor side opening temperature and display temperature curve in real time, and set protection temperature to monitor ablation range
System Management
Equipped with microwave ablation system management software, which can realize the integration of treatment and case management
Disposable microwave ablation needle
Reliable Needle Bar Strength
Use reliable bowl alloy material to improve product strength
Needle bar designs of various lengths meet various puncture depths
Intraoperative rod temperature measurement technology
It can measure the temperature of the needle shaft during the operation to improve the safety of the operation
Reinforced sharp needle for easy puncture
Different handle designs meet different guiding methods
Output instructions, data management, meet a variety of clinical needs, improve treatment efficiency
Anti-blocking developing technology
Ultrasound imaging is clearer, anti-adhesive technology prevents adhesion after heating and is difficult to pull out, bringing safety and convenience to clinical safety
A variety of long and short needle designs to meet the needs of clinical applications
Microwave Needle Specifications
  • Diameter (mm)
  • 1.4
  • 1.6
  • 1.8
  • 2.0
  • 2.2
Multiple types of ablation needles to meet different clinical needs
Smart Needle
Output instructions, data management, meet a variety of clinical needs, improve treatment efficiency
Ultra Fine Needle
1.4mm ultra-fine-caliber microwave needles are mainly used in the treatment of tumors that require fine manipulation, such as thyroid and breast
NMR needle
Used under MRI
to avoid artifacts during surgery
Perfect Circle Needle
Perfect Circle ablation technology
Controllable ablation morphology
Disposable microwave ablation catheter
Innovative water-cooled flexible conduit ECO-100F-2022
Various models meet the treatment of diseases in different parts of the veins of the lower extremities
Innovative and scientific; high thermal efficiency, suitable for intracavitary ecology, clearly visible under ultrasound, close to clinical operation wholeheartedly
Working principle and technical advantages of microwave ablation
Under the guidance of imaging equipment, a disposable microwave ablation needle is punctured percutaneously to the tumor site. The polar molecules in the tissue move at high speed under the action of the microwave field, rub each other to generate heat, and heat up rapidly in the tumor. When the temperature reaches At around 60°C, tumor cell proteins denature and coagulate, leading to irreversible necrosis. The denatured tumor cells will be swallowed by macrophages, lymphocytes, etc., thus completing the whole process of tumor ablation.
Minimally invasive and efficient
Only the size of a needle eye, local inactivation of the lesion, efficient and thorough
Little damage
Preserve organ function, reduce complications, and ensure the quality of life of patients
Wide application
Applicable to the treatment of various solid tumors
It can be combined with various treatment methods such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to improve the curative effect
Activate immunity
Can activate the body's immune response to tumors and improve patient immunity
Microwave ablation technology has been successfully applied to various solid tumors including liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid, breast cancer, etc. invasive treatment.
Liver cancer
Lung cancer
Breast cancer
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